Yoshifuku’s Mission

These dolls are meant to bring happiness to children, so it is our mission to ensure that the dolls can be decorations that you will value.
To convey this ancient Japanese tradition of “wishing for children to grow up happy and healthy.”

Although our lifestyles have changed with the times–from the Heian period, to Kamakura period, and now Reiwa (the present era), our wishes for the happiness of children has stayed constant.
For the past half of the century, we have continued to carefully craft dolls with our customers in mind, always imagining the places our dolls would be decorated, along with the smiling faces of those gathered during each celebration.
It is our hope that children can grow up healthy and happy with our traditional Japanese hina-ningyo and gogatsu-ningyo, which have been passed from generation-to-generation.
To further ensure the best experience for our customers, we plan to craft the dolls that best fits our customers’ individual location and provide consultations regarding the perfect way of decorating the dolls. Support will be provided even after purpose, so customers can rest assured.
We have professional Sekku-ningyo (seasonal doll) advisors to help guide you, so please feel free to contact us if you need our support.

Why Yoshifuku?


Yoshifuku is certified by the Dolls Association of Japan as an “excellent vendor of Sekku-ningyo (seasonal dolls).”
In order to ensure peace of mind with every purchase, our staff, who are also qualified as Sekku-ningyo advisors, can carefully provide suggestions for the dolls that will fit your needs.


All of our dolls are carefully handmade in our workshop with our customer’s satisfaction and happiness in mind. Our artisans have skills that have been honed over the course of our company history, which is how we are able to craft the finest dolls with the utmost attention to detail.

Support System

We will provide suggestions for the most suitable products based on the size of the place and the preferences of our customers.
Guidance on the maintenance and care of our products will also be provided.

Yoshifuku’s Approach

Working with Regional Companies

Costumes for our hina-ningyo were made in cooperation with UTSURI https://utsuri.jp/, a local workshop located in Higashimatsuya City which uses plant-based dyes. The costumes for our hina-ningyo are dyed using dye extracted from the brances of cherry blossom trees. This natural dyeing technique is what gives the costumes gentle and warm colors.
Our dolls are dressed in the same way a real kimono would be dressed, and are very delicate in nature.
Cherry Blossom-dyed hina-ningyo are also recognized as a regional brand-named product known as “Higashimatsuyama Pride.”

Company Information

Company Profile

Company NameYoshifuku Inc.
Chief Executive OfficerEizo Fukuda
LocationMain Workshop: 1882 Tako, Yoshimi, Hiki District, Saitama 355-0167
Yoshifuku Higashiyama Ningyo Hall: 81-1 Kaminomoto, Higashimatsuyama, Satama 355-0073

Email Address

*Please be aware that inquiries received outside of this period (early November through May 5th) may receive delayed responses. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
Exhibition TimeEarly November to May 5th (all year round during this period)
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
ProductsNew Year decorations (hagoita, hamaya)
Hina-ningyo (Girls’ Festival dolls)
Gogatsu-ningyo (Boys’ Festival dolls, including ornamental helmets and armor)
Koinobori carp-windsocks

Stores and Workshops
Ningyo no Yoshifuku, Higashimatsuyama Hall

As a store that specializes in hagoita, hamaya, hina-ningyo, gogatsu-ningyo, and koinobori carp-windsocks, we boast the largest selection in the northern Kanto region and have a wide variety of products to offer.

Customers can enjoy choosing from a wide variety of dolls in our spacious store.
Our Sekku-ningyo (seasonal doll) advisors will offer suggestions and help you select the doll that best fits your needs.
Some dolls can be brought back home on the same day (excluding custom orders).

A nursery room is also available for customers with children.