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Various Japanese craft items using the "kinran" kimono fabric.

In Japanese traditional culture, each motif has its own meaning and symbolism.
In "kinran" fabric, beautiful patterns are woven using golden threads or gold leaves into the bases of fabrics such as twill, amber, satin, or silk.
No two patterns will be the same, and each pattern produced is truly one-of-a-kind.
Recommended gifts for your loved ones or any celebration.

Ornamental Helmets (Gogatsu-ningyo)

In Japan originally, there used to be an event known as "Tango no Sekku" on May 5th (now known as "Kodomo no Hi" or "Children's Day"), which was held to celebrate the health and growth of boys.
During this event, ornamental helmets are displayed with the hopes that it will protect children from illnesses and any accidents.
We also carry ornamental helmets featuring famous Japanese warlords such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Date Masamune.

  • Hagoita

    In Japan, there is a custom of celebrating a girl's first New Year's.
    As part of the celebrations, girls are given a hagoita to protect themselves from various evil spirits, so that they can grow up healthy.
    We also take orders for custom-made hagoita, and recommend them for this event, or even as a wedding board.

  • Hamaya

    In Japan, there is a custom of celebrating a boy's first New Year's.
    The custom of using a hamaya as a decoration in order to protect boys from evil spirits, and for them to grow up strong and healthy has continued to present-day Japan.

  • Hina-ningyo

    Hina-ningyo are dolls that have long been valued as a protection charm for children.
    The dolls' faces, costumes, and props are individually crafted by artisans, making delicate craftsmanship one of its special features.

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